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The FLEX’s signature class and the most effective, SHRED delivers a combination total-body workout that blasts fat and reshapes your body like no other workout can—in fact, it burns up to 3x more fat than cardio alone. Upper body and lower body moves are sequenced in an alternating pattern to improve cardiovascular fitness and burn fat while you shape lean muscles. Intensity can be varied with weight and range of motion modifications, as suggested by the class Instructor, to make it a great class for all fitness levels. Make this class part of your exercise program and you will get visible results in10 workouts or less. That’s our guarantee! 



We offer BURN as a supplement to The FLEX’s primary workout, SHRED. Because your muscles need time to rest and rejuvenate between weight workouts, you should alternate SHRED or IGNITE with BURN, a sustained calorie-burning workout. A variety of energizing segments alternating between low-impact, high-impact, step, and light weight routines add interest, allow you to work at multiple intensity levels for maximum calorie burn during and after the workout, and make the time fly.



IGNITE is available for multiple reasons. First, it allows you a focused total body sculpting workout without any cardio intervals if you want to pay special attention to adding lean, calorie-burning muscle to your physique. Second, the class is divided between a standing and a floor workout to offer a variety of effective muscle shaping exercises with different fitness tools. Finally, it includes an extended stretch at the end of the class to ensure you are also improving your flexibility as you sculpt muscle and burn fat.


Boot Camp Cardio (BCC) SHRED Xtreme (FCon) BCC Express (BCCE)

Boot Camp Cardio and Total Body Circuit are each an hour long interval based cardio class (BCC) or cardio and weight training class (SHRED Xtreme/Fcon). The self-paced intervals allow you to make the class what YOU need it to be to burn those stubborn calories and increase your energy level! Core work at the end of class will work all areas of your mid-section, giving you the strong, flat abs you want!  Come and join us for a calorie blasting and fun filled hour. You won’t regret it! Boot Camp Cardio Express is a 30 minute version of our Boot Camp Cardio class.



An hour long mix of kettle bells, high intensity interval training, core/balance training, and kickboxing, this class is sure to burn those extra calories while you’re having fun too!!



Our Yoga offers everyone the chance to practice Yoga whether you are a novice or have been practicing for years. An athletic form of Yoga, FLEX Yoga focuses on the breath, safe alignment of the joints and spine, strength and flexibility, and balance. This class is suitable for all levels.



Are you ready to get your groove on? Throw out all of your worries and come to FUZION where you can dance your cares away!! FUN for all levels, FUZION is a cardio dance class that focuses on short, repetitive patterns, set to music that keeps you movin’! Come on over and shake your groove thing with us!

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